Monday, November 11, 2013


What is Pyramining?

It is a shared mining farm that allows you to borrow our hashing power to mine for Bitcoins. Once your account is active, miners will keep working for you until you will be fully rewarded with the intial amount sent plus a bonus. There is a referral system implemented in order to increase your bonus.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

It is not. All rewards come from mining and not from recruiting members. All deposited amounts will be used to buy mining infrastructure.
Recruiting member allows you to increase your bonus/reward.


Actually all the mining gear is based on Spartan6 FPGA units. We are currently researching into ASIC technology, which should be available for production between December 2012 and January 2013.

Size & growth
At this moment there are 2.2GH/s 16.9GH/s 34.6GH/s 60.7 90.1 109.2 GH/s allocated. A deposited fund gets converted as soon as possible to mining infrastructure. There are other 25 4 89 49.9 310.8 GH/s readily available that can be allocated to Pyramining while waiting for the new gear to be ordered, installed and put at work.


It starts as soon as the amount is credited
No need to configure hardware or software
Hashing power is cheaper due to volume
Faster rewards than conventional mining and mining contracts
Joining is fun!

The Above Information is as per Pyramining website.

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