Friday, October 25, 2013

9 Ways to Earn Bitcoins Daily For Free

Do you know what “Bitcoins” are if not then check this first WeUseCoins and then come back here to earn free bitcoins. I am giving a list of websites to earn Bitcoins. The only need is that you must have a bitcoin address ready or if you want to create one then go to Coinbase and create one. Below mentioned links will open in a new tab.

1. Bitvisitor - watch websites for 5 minutes and get paid in bitcoins instantly.

2. BitcoinAddict - free bitcoins every 24 hours, chance to get a jackpot too.

3. Bitcrate - break a crate & get bitcoins. Different crates have different amounts.

4. DailyFreeBitcoins - free bitcoins every hour, and get free BTC vouchers.

5. Coinad - free bitcoins every hour for Visiting Websites.

6. Bitcoiner - free bitcoins every 24 hours, ad-supported.

7. Cointicket - A big amount of bitcoins is split to all tickets every day. The more tickets you get, the more bitcoins you’ll receive.

8. Bitcoin Dispenser - Lucky draw from donated pool of bitcoins.

9. CoinTube - Watch videos for few minutes and get paid instantly.

The best thing of Bitcoins which I love the most is that they are paid instantly.

Most of the sites listed above are ad-supported. So in order to earn continuously, disable the Adblock extension for these sites.

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